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Personalized Counseling,

finely tailored to meet your needs and availability

Congratulations, you have found what you’ve been looking for! This Health Coaching is especially designed for your perfect health: practical and easy to understand, humane and adapted to your personal circumstances. The purpouse is to take good care of the physical body and its metabolic functioning, while  purifying our minds (senses and emotions) in order to understand our divine essence and karma more clearly. 


Combining physical, energetic and spiritual aspects, Ayurveda is a comprehensive
system that optimises health and personal development. It originates from India and its  goal is the promotion of a long and prosperous life that facilitates the blossoming of the individual conscience at the spiritual level.


Yoga, which is longer established and recognized in the West, is a sister system of Ayurveda. Yoga acts as a tool to promote calmness and foster psychological and emotional development - independent of any particular set of religious beliefs. It aims to stabilize and purify the flow of vital energy (Prana) in our more tangible dimensions
as well as our subtler bodies.


Jyotish is the high point of the triad, where the role of the re-incarnating soul (Jiiva) can be observed. It brings to light the impressions (Samskaras & Vaasanas) from past lives which are at play behind all the physiological and psychological functioning previously discussed in the combined context of Ayurveda and Yoga.

On-Line Consultations with Tiago Namaste are designed to provide you with an advanced and easy-to-follow personal development program to help you on your own spiritual path with Ayurveda, Yoga & Jyotish.


Namaste Coaching Full Program offers a tailor-made routine and counselling on dietetics, psycho-yoga therapy, spiritual aspects of life through analysis of jyotish
charts, and other services that can be adequately provided at a distance.


The consultations can be adapted to family scale and to clients with varying degrees of existing proficiency in Ayurveda, Yoga and/or Jyotish. They usually occur on a monthly basis, but the frequency can of course be adapted to your personal needs.


Payments are made via PayPal, a very secure and straight-forward system for international payments. Free counseling on the use of medicinal plants and ayurvedic products in accordance with their availability in your local area can also be included if desired. From now on, you will have all the tools you need in order to lead a very healthy life!


Through this time-honoured culture that explains the art of living well and enabling
higher qualities to blossom in your life, the  Ayurveda by Namaste Method provides you with: healthy BODY, peacefull MIND and resplendent SOUL! Anything else? Oh yes! I will be happy to send to you
 the current rates, ​​just by a click here!

SHAM: Self Health Ayurveda Managment Series, watch the first bellow !!!
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My journey as an educator and therapist aims to promote sustainable internal and external conditions among people, relationships, societies and the biota as a whole. It may not seem like much, I know... But it still inspires me to keep the flame of optimised health burning inside my heart and in the hearts of the numerous subscribers to my youtube channel, plus the many, many people who are dedicated to following my self development program Ayurveda by Namaste!


I am grateful to all of you who support me in this namastrenduous adventure and to the teachers who transmit this wonderful and sacred knowledge of how to inhabit this life divinely!

                                   Namasteeeeeeee = D

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ayurveda, terapia, rio de janeiro,, orientação, alimentar
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